Glared [verb]

Definition of Glared:

give a dirty look

Synonyms of Glared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glared:






Sentence/Example of Glared:

She glared at the older girl—the girl so much better situated than herself.

Kerry glared after the retreating figures for a moment, and a grin of fierce satisfaction revealed his gleaming teeth.

He rolled over and glared at Cash, who had cooked his supper and was sitting down to eat it alone.

Uncle Dick did not relish my retraction, and his near-sighted eyes glared at me in disgust.

It glared into his eyes like a fiend of hell; it was fiery, sharp as steel—and it had to be seized with the naked hands!

When the lightning glared out we could see a big straight river ahead, and high, rocky bluffs on both sides.

Three more strokes, and a dozen pointing guns flashed within sight, as many painted faces glared defiance from the stocks.

He glared about through the dimness at his silent men, then stalked through the door into the cook-camp.

They glared fiercely into the east, and murmured boastful threats against the hated foes in the distant camp.

The deputy-governor glared at the new-comers, and then dismissed the Circassian girls.