Glass [noun]

Definition of Glass:

object that reflects an image

Synonyms of Glass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glass:


Sentence/Example of Glass:

Tugged away in a low-rise warehouse-turned-office in Guangzhou, the place is dotted with well-tended bonsai and staff sitting on bean bags behind glass meeting rooms.

It’s having all of the tools that you need to package it into the glass vials with the rubber stoppers, having the needles and the alcohol swabs to administer it, and then getting it to the people who need it.

He thought that the sun could deliver an outsized push because it created vibrations at precisely the frequency of one of Laplace’s oscillations, much as an opera singer can shatter a wine glass with the right pitch.

For decades, observing at the world’s biggest and best telescopes meant climbing into cramped spaces high above the mirror, juggling glass photographic plates and hunching over a camera through long chilly nights.

A half-hour drive found us in a parking lot by a large glass building.

It’s as if the ant views everything through an increasingly powerful magnifying glass.

Its other big investments, which by now have topped a few billion, have gone to established American companies like Corning for glass vials and Pfizer for future vaccines.

Others, such as the glass squid, emit light from under their eyes that makes them invisible to hungry predators below.

I was rather awed by his imposing appearance, and advanced timidly to the doors, which were of glass, and pulled the bell.

When she arrived she made a regular entry into the city in a coach all gold and glass, drawn by eight superb plumed horses.