Glasses [noun]

Definition of Glasses:

object worn to correct vision

Synonyms of Glasses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glasses:


Sentence/Example of Glasses:

MacRae brought the glasses to bear, and said it was two Policemen jogging toward camp.

After another solemn inspection of Aristide, he stuck a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his fleshy nose and perused the documents.

As he entered, Mr. Ducksmith regarded him vacantly over the top of his gold-rimmed glasses.

They lay there—the line of our brave lads, plainly visible to a pair of good glasses—there they actually lay!

Delancy opened the glove compartment in the instrument board and took out a pair of field glasses.

A gray-haired man with a bustling manner and wearing glasses came through the reception room and Mark stopped him.

With good field glasses one might stand in the second story of the tower and see the horses running on the track.

She was folding and tying with a narrow ribbon some papers as she spoke, and her eyes snapped behind her glasses.

“Out of sight,” comes the general verdict from the crowd, and bang go a dozen beer glasses in unison on the heavy table.

The teacher took her place, adjusted the thick glasses she always wore, and looked sternly over the room.