Gleamed [verb]

Definition of Gleamed:


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Sentence/Example of Gleamed:

Her eyes gleamed bright and intense, with no sleepy shadows, as they looked into his.

When the first sunbeam gleamed through the window of Bat's tiny kitchen, I arose, pulled on my boots and went to feed my horse.

Light gleamed on the staircase, and breathless voices were wafted up to the two men.

He looked back before he plunged out into the darkness, and his teeth gleamed in a smile.

The gray desert sparkled and gleamed in front of the roadster, but behind it was blotted out by the dust of that mad flight.

She laughed, but not the suspicion of a smile gleamed in his eyes; she had forgotten that they could be as dark and stern as this.

It has shone on cathedral spire and dome, and, emblazoned with gold and costly gems, has gleamed on many a sacred shrine.

The spot where his random blow had struck still gleamed transparent jet.

His lean boyish body gleamed, arms and legs brown from much swimming under peaceful summer suns.

Grenfell turned and glanced toward the dim line of snow that gleamed high up above the forests in the north.