Glean [verb]

Definition of Glean:

pick out, collect

Synonyms of Glean:

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Sentence/Example of Glean:

Since then, he and other micrometeorite specialists — a small enough community that he “knows the children of most of them” — have gleaned much more information from the dust.

The data gleaned from Palantir is the same information that all law enforcement agencies have access to through legal and authorized computer systems.

That includes tactics for conducting competitive analysis within the platforms and well as gleaning higher-level, operational insights from the data.

They swapped tidbits of information that they had overheard or seen on Twitter, trying to glean what exactly had happened.

If the Omnipoint Systems does what it professes to do — gleaning political affiliation audience data — that could be extremely valuable to a marketer, Kunz said.

Be empowered as a brand to implement tactics like polls and surveys on social to get in touch with customers and glean informative insights into how your audience is thinking about your brand.

By considering the accumulation of craters and when they formed, we can glean some insights into what nearby Earth faced over time as well, especially during periods of the solar system when there were many more large rocks hurtling through space.

Then, in 2019, the group stopped using estimates gleaned from interviews with homeless San Diegans to project the number of people staying in tents and vehicles and only tallied what volunteers confirmed directly.

Indeed, successful performance usually involves marshaling information and insights gleaned from a number of sources — print publications, the Internet, other people — and combining these with our own mental store of facts.

For example, Fujifilm is already working with some high-end art restorers using the camera to glean insight about the pigments used in paintings long after they have faded from their original glory.