Gleaning [verb]

Definition of Gleaning:

pick out, collect

Synonyms of Gleaning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gleaning:

Sentence/Example of Gleaning:

All belonged to the first days in Egypt before he noticed anything; the mind worked backwards to their gleaning.

A throng of young girls, gleaning, followed the reapers and raked up the ears that fell.

One had lost all his little store of grain gathered from the gleaning, or bought by great privation for the winter's nourishment.

An eminent jurisprudist once remarked to me, "there is little gleaning to be done after Bradlaugh."

This gleaning of intellectual men are full of social life, or, rather, of an interest in the problems of social existence.

Sneak stood in silence, a convenient distance apart, apparently gleaning intelligence from the conference.

A visit to the boy suggested itself as a means of gleaning new particulars; though it might be quite unproductive.

He would begin by helping the sweet-faced daughter-in-law who had chanced to come gleaning upon his land.

Boaz was very rich, and nothing was too good for his fair young wife, whom he had first seen humbly gleaning in his harvest field.

Kateri has been gleaning them all along in her talks with Anastasia.