Gleefully [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Gleefully:

I would take them often for sunrise beach runs, imagining they were gleeful in returning to their Caribbean roots, and Scout would leap to the top of the dunes, Teddy clambering behind.

Then she set a second, and a third, holding up her grimy fingers gleefully.

Then Richard swung his wife into the saddle, and Rollo pranced gleefully as he took the road with his precious burden.

They rode across the plain, singing their war songs, and old Ghost Bear cackled gleefully as he heard them.

And the little boy, not understanding, repeated gleefully and senselessly, "It's dadda; it's dadda."

"I can hear the cheering in the Republican camp this morning," remarked another voice gleefully.

While the great man held him by the hands, Betsy gleefully boxed his ears until he begged for mercy.

They dare not attack a man if he is alive, though they would gleefully devour him dead.

One evening, therefore, Cornwallis gleefully told one of his officers that they would "bag the old fox" on the next day.

"There's no houses here so I dare skip," she panted gleefully.