Glens [noun]

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Bruce may have taken refuge again in Glen Trool; Gray's mention of the isles may result from a confusion with earlier events.

“On the high road overlooking the Glen of the Leprechauns, on a starlit night before the moon came up,” said Padna.

He made way for her to precede him in the narrow wood path, and then silently followed her up the glen.

And with that he raised his voice and called somewhat to the men, and they quickened their pace into the glen.

I had listened for some sound from Howel and Evan, but since the footsteps passed up the glen I had heard none until this moment.

Then they walked to the glen, took horse and were away, and saw St. Julien before dawn.

They stood for the last time before the cabin, bidding farewell to the little glen and all its memories.

The club had tickets to go to Glen Island, through the generosity of Mr. Starin.

At the same time Jacob perceived a small body of horse galloping through the glen in which the buck had been feeding.

Away, to their left, the mountains were cleft by a narrow glen, the sound came from the bank on the hither side.