Glib [adjective]

Definition of Glib:

slick, smooth-talking

Synonyms of Glib:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glib:

Sentence/Example of Glib:

She was very glib with the sheep and the geese, but the grindstone made her head ache, and she gave it up.

Another man glib of tongue and crafty of brain might have lied his way out of an abominable situation.

The glib story of the bribery was like the bite of a slipping crane-hitch—slow to take hold.

“Never since sun-birth,” Hildebrand responded, with glib emphasis.

"Because you are free: you do not love," impetuously returned the other with glib, persistent vehemence.

Glib talk often commands an undeserved confidence and misleads the wage earner.

How welcome, in the murky puddle of Dryasdust, is any glimpse by a lively glib Wilhelmina, which we can discern to be human!

Morel sat all the time smoking his thick twist tobacco, watching her, and listening to her glib London speech, as he puffed.

The friends that harm us are plausible friends, friends that like to flatter, and friends with a glib tongue.

Banish the strains of Cheng and flee men that are glib; for the strains of Cheng are wanton and glib speakers are dangerous.