Glibly [adverb]

Definition of Glibly:

in a dexterous manner

Synonyms of Glibly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glibly:

Sentence/Example of Glibly:

But such a thing had, nevertheless, come quite glibly out of her mouth, and she knew not why.

Barrington thanked him, he could do no less, yet he felt little trust in a man who could confess so glibly to treachery.

The design he talks so glibly about is in him, not outside of him.

I can see that it really is a very fair article, but do not detect the extraordinary excellencies so glibly described.

"Oh—er—for a little while," said Mr. Milburgh glibly, trying to remember what he had heard about Sam Stay.

McNab on the other side of the table, leaning across it was talking to him, his voice running glibly.

"It is Jean of the Evil Eye who has sent me," he said glibly, with an eye on the abb's hands in case there should be a knife.

There was really none of the genius about which historians write so glibly in this decision.

"Messer Blondel has been at the house," Louis murmured glibly, his mind centred on the question how much he should tell.

And Philip, who entered at first glibly enough at the rector's side, was soon drawn into depths far beyond him.