Glibness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Glibness:

Nevertheless despite the glibness with which he uttered it, he cringed and a flood of telltale color rose to his hair.

Mr. Locket shot his young friend another sharp glance, a silent retort to the glibness of this information.

Then the glibness and merit of some of their answers surprised and amused him.

“Points” are given by one operator to another with the same mendacious glibness as of yore.

It certainly gives glibness and flexibility, if it doesn't give earnestness and depth.

She soon began to know all his important investments, and talk of them with facile glibness.

"By the younger one's resemblance to Miss Holladay," I answered, lying with a glibness which surprised myself.

He was suddenly alarmed, and, as usual in moments of emergency, burst into his unfortunate glibness of speech.

Put two shy people in a room together, and they begin to talk with unaccustomed glibness.

His very lack of glibness, the things in him wanting expression and not getting expressed, made him seem like one of them.