Glides [verb]

Definition of Glides:

move smoothly and quickly on a surface

Synonyms of Glides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glides:




Sentence/Example of Glides:

My new faves have a smooth glide, good hold on the uphill, solid speed on the downhill, and edges that handle well on narrow trails with mellow turns.

This dual-bevel sliding miter saw comes with a glide system that allows for wider, more precise crosscuts.

Snakes instead get their glide on with some help from the wiggles.

Immediately the door was opened just enough to let the two men glide in; then it was shut with a bang and bolted.

They glide across my face with tender, soft caress, and I feel something melt within me.

Fortunately, childhood is protected by a resisting candour, by an enamel over which all impurities glide.

Then he stooped down and begun to glide along the wall, just his shoulders showing over the people's heads.

He noted that Sssuri had stepped up the pace, passing into his sure-footed glide which made Dalgard exert himself to keep up.

The runners kept the wheels immovable and caused the cart to glide over the snow as a sleigh.

Some, hearing Lethierry's voice in the lower room, began to glide in by the half-opened door.