Glimmering [verb]

Definition of Glimmering:


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Sentence/Example of Glimmering:

As climate lawsuits proceed across the United States and across the world, Saad says there are glimmerings of that emerging.

Beyond this the darkness of the village was accentuated by a light here and there, glimmering from the window of some cottage.

Out among the mass of red and yellow gold trailed a strand of frosty, glimmering pearls.

The real agriculturists were beginning to get a glimmering of light upon this question.

In this plight I pressed on toward a light glimmering faintly through the blinding snow.

Approaching it from the west the first glimmering of it you have is over one end of the House of Correction.

Before him, in the glimmering light of the mystic Southern Cross, the great river crept unctuously, silently to the sea.

Heralded by the snuffle of the horses, light began glimmering over a chaos of lines and shadows, pale as mother-o'-pearl.

Sir Gervaise's manner had now lost every glimmering of excitement.

Then she was aware of a white face glimmering out of the darkness.