Glimmers [noun]

Definition of Glimmers:

flash, sparkle

Synonyms of Glimmers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glimmers:

Sentence/Example of Glimmers:

Maryland’s game against Ohio State on Monday night began with a glimmer of optimism.

With the launch of the Promote Iceland campaign, M&C Saatchi was able to offer a glimmer of hope where there was hardly any to be found.

As I approach the midpoint of my ninth decade, I see glimmers of light amid the darkness.

“In a world where everything feels like it’s caving in and you’re alone, advertising is a team sport and to feel like you’re part of a team can give you that glimmer and make you feel like you’re not alone,” he said.

The Steelers contributed to their own demise, but the startling disparity between the teams showed after Pittsburgh provided a glimmer.

Huge questions remain, but thanks in part to extraordinary efforts to develop vaccines that appear effective, we enter 2021 with glimmers of hope.

Faculty warn that schools should not conclude from that glimmer of good news that opening up fully in person is wise or safe.

The recent success of some coronavirus vaccines in late-stage clinical trials has inched us closer to the end of the pandemic — a glimmer of hope in a long year of living with the virus.

That success provides a glimmer of hope for the climate and for ecosystems, the researchers say.

When he goes on television or gives interviews, he sometimes has this glimmer in his eye and will say things that are kind of humorous but it’s never totally clear if it’s a joke.