Glimpsed [verb]

Definition of Glimpsed:

look briefly

Synonyms of Glimpsed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glimpsed:


Sentence/Example of Glimpsed:

The doubt he had of her a few moments before vanished; he did not question but what he had glimpsed into her naked soul.

He glimpsed a moving figure in there—heard a faint rustling.

Now he glimpsed its opponent culture, about which more was generally known.

Frank Nelsen had glimpsed ancient Mars, preserved on the Moon.

Tam saw Lasky die and glimpsed the flaming wreck of the boy's machine as it fell, then he found himself attacked on two sides.

She glimpsed a closet door behind him, and caught at the chance of saving at least a fragment of her drama.

Beyond the gulf, however, Mr. Wordsley had glimpsed a ragged aperture filled with the purest light.

Mary Johnson must be unobserving in the extreme if she failed to know him, once she glimpsed him in the crowd.

Through a screen of bare tree branches and bushes, she glimpsed a blur of metal.

“What a dreary place for a meeting,” Penny shivered as she glimpsed the bleak cemetery on a hilltop.