Glimpsing [verb]

Definition of Glimpsing:

look briefly

Synonyms of Glimpsing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glimpsing:


Sentence/Example of Glimpsing:

Together they stood at the rail, not yet glimpsing the war-fleet which still moved in partial concealment along the wooded shore.

They did not know they were glimpsing the first outcroppings of a genius that would one day amaze and entertain the nations.

Overhead a moon glimpsing the clouds made through an effortless sky.

Glimpsing the thatched roof cottage through the trees, Salt paused to stare at it.

It was as if her own words had thrown open a door before which she faltered, her eyes sun-dazzled, yet glimpsing a wide horizon.

But then, merely glimpsing Sophy as she had done, she felt instinctively that she was incapable of such an act.

He halted short, glimpsing the man on the wall in the faint glow of the fires.

The mouse, glimpsing the doom ere it fell, doubled back upon itself in the narrow runway.

Glimpsing the fat little red book in your pocket, he smiles sardonically.

There would be ruin, dreadful ruin, and she was glimpsing the very things which she might have enjoyed.