Glint [noun]

Definition of Glint:


Synonyms of Glint:

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Sentence/Example of Glint:

She could see the glint of the moon upon the bay, and could feel the soft, gusty beating of the hot south wind.

Something with the glint of bright steel flashed from the lunch box under the man's arm.

The latter saw the glint of gold coins between the meshes of the purse and her heart throbbed.

It showed in his grey eyes and the glint in his carelessly combed light brown hair and the set of his jawline.

The lips assumed an appearance of somewhat exaggerated indifference, but there was a glint of watchfulness in the eyes.

I saw the glint of his oar blades, which had been run out from their ports ready to take the water if need was presently.

However, there was in the girl's heart a little glint of youthful joy, which was unusual.

The merry-go-rounds glint and clank under the shadow of a church.

By and by she lifts her head, and her eyes shine with the glint of blue steel.

His eye of course at once caught the glint of the gold and silver coins lodged in the cracks.