Glinted [verb]

Definition of Glinted:


Synonyms of Glinted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glinted:


Sentence/Example of Glinted:

Except for a night light which glinted through the show window, the place was dark.

In the soft wind the myrtle rustled faintly, and on the roses at our feet the dew-drops glinted in fitful splendor.

A few stars glinted above, shining through the drifting clouds of ash.

Then the moonlight glinted on something at the edge of the river.

Frost prisms on the snow sparkled and glinted in the starlight.

Through the trees the waters of the bay glinted like molten silver.

The moon was full, and its rays glinted brightly off her golden hair.

Frank took a three inch golden ring that glinted with mineral.

Anger and revolt glinted through the golden-brown of her eyes; she swayed back a little from the font, still holding out the babe.

His clear blue eyes, gentle for the most part, now glinted like the sun slanting from glacier ice.