Glistens [verb]

Definition of Glistens:


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Sentence/Example of Glistens:

See that boy's eyes glisten while you are speaking of a neighbor in a language you would not wish to have repeated.

Only once, when Sogrange incautiously displayed a gold watch, did the eyes of one or two of their number glisten.

Wait until nightfall, and it will positively glisten with lamps and gleam with merriment.

Their monasteries rise in the midst of the fertile plains of Syria, their basilicas glisten in our cities beside our mosques.

The streets glisten clean in the sunlight, and every window is a reflector of glad promise.

At the mention of the hundred pounds, I observed the eyes of the painter glisten.

The great blue eyes glisten; and Claude is penitent in an instant.

There he stood with a glisten in his eyes and his hand just about to grasp the pewter pot!

And the air is hot and heavy and feverish, and even their nearly naked bodies glisten with perspiration.

With one of her rapid glances, she even detected something like a tear glisten in his eye.