Glitch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Glitch:

On the other hand, the Duo’s software had some glitches of its own, not always quickly adapting to changes in orientation or swiping away apps immediately.

The exchange was forced to suspend trading for half a day, although HKEX CEO Charles Li said the suspension was due to a software glitch rather than the work of hackers.

Initially it looked like the Google algorithm updates from the old days but as time went on, it just looked like something was really off — as if there was a glitch.

This was a temporary glitch that lasted several hours last evening.

You may have lost a lot of traffic, new customers, revenue from this glitch — or you may have benefited.

As the days went on, Iversen found himself growing fonder and fonder of the thor'glitch.

When the thor'glitch grew listless and began to swell in the middle, Iversen got alarmed and sent for Dr. Smullyan.

Now it came to pass that the thor'glitch's mid-section, having swelled to unbearable proportions, began to quiver.