Gloating [verb]

Definition of Gloating:

exclaim triumph

Synonyms of Gloating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gloating:

Sentence/Example of Gloating:

When Lawrence came to, there were two guerrillas standing gloating over him.

Nor could he ever forget standing there in Sergeant McGinty's office while the sergeant did a bit of triumphant gloating.

The man only smiled, an evil and gloating smile, which Mr. Gryce thought it his duty to cut short.

This he actually forced me to do, gloating over my horror as I removed for him the traces of his cowardly crime.

Narth leaned forward, his face shining with the malice of his gloating.

He turned to Barney with a last shot; he could not leave the gloating Barney Palmer his unalloyed triumph.

He and I watched the news together, him gloating, me shrinking away, quietly freaking out.

He knows the master's reputed avarice, and watches his eye gloating on the treasure as he goes on.

Nor is this gloating savagery, blended as it was with a rational and understandable policy, difficult to comprehend.

“Muffled magnificence,” she repeated to herself, her gloating eyes taking in each perfection of detail.