Gloats [verb]

Definition of Gloats:

exclaim triumph

Synonyms of Gloats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gloats:

Sentence/Example of Gloats:

He could see them plainly, and presently he saw the face of Romanoff gloat with a look of unholy joy.

"A hundred thousand crowns," muttered the prince, taking off the mask in order to gloat on the metal at his feet.

She might be left alone to gloat over her revenge, while patriots made merry over their drinking.

No one can gloat over the imaginary torments of Hell without being a persecuting devil at heart.

To the hill-top he had to go whenever he would gloat upon its beauty.

Now, I have listened to your infernal lies; I have watched you gloat over them.

With the exception of spring snipe, enormous totals like those we gloat over in England are but rarely made.

And whom do we see gloat with the greatest avidity over these ghastly spectacles?

They reminded me of vampires with a taste for young flesh, they seemed so to gloat over the taste of a good conscience.

The passengers seemed to gloat on Saul Aronson's discomfiture, and Shagarach's faithful courier was almost beside himself.