Glob [noun]

Definition of Glob:

thick lump

Synonyms of Glob:









Opposite/Antonyms of Glob:


Sentence/Example of Glob:

Paraglobulin, par-a-glob′ū-lin, n. a globulin found in blood-serum, fibrino-plastin.

The kerchief at his neck was turned knot-back and hung like a glob of crimson blood upon his breast.

Uniglobular, ū-ni-glob′ū-lar, adj. consisting of a single globe or globular part.

A great glob of smoke belched up from under the crumpled engine hood, and was followed by a tongue of hissing orange-red flame.

Jens Glob laid a complaint against the bishop, and summoned him before the temporal and the spiritual court.

Jens Glob stands so deeply wrapped in thought that he singes the skirt of his wide garment.

He has great possessions, but still he longs for more—everything must bow before the mighty Olaf Glob.

The glob hit the floor, bounced up a couple of inches, fell back, bounced again and then quivered to a stop.

The glass had turned almost 180° towards the floor when the entire mass of solidified glob slid out.

Globigerina, glob-i-je-rī′na, n. a genus typical of Globigerinid, a pelagic family of foraminifers.