Glooming [verb]

Definition of Glooming:

conceal, hide

Synonyms of Glooming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glooming:

Sentence/Example of Glooming:

Jefferson, one agonizing state short of victory, saw “dismay and gloom.”

Standing heroic on the soil that gave her birth she marks with glooming brows the madness of the nations.

Bridge and saw the ministers glooming down from the Mound in a dense Assembly fog.

Then he posed industriously to himself, and tried hard to do some more glooming, but it was difficult work.

During the interim Severne had found that his glooming was becoming altogether too realistic for his peace of mind.

He peered a little anxiously into the rapidly glooming vistas.

Mrs. Benson, glooming thunder from her brows, Minnie with scare in her russet eyes turned Purcell's feasts into fasts.

He sat glooming, like a man dumb in high fever, working his lower jaw, screwing and unscrewing his hands.

Under a grey sky, glooming to purple, the gelid water writhed nakedly.

She was in the sordid little living-room of the Kingsbridge cottage, and outside the day was glooming into twilight!