Gloriously [adverb]

Definition of Gloriously:

most excellently

Synonyms of Gloriously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gloriously:


Sentence/Example of Gloriously:

In his life on the prairies, this had never been afforded, so to him it was something new, and something gloriously sweet.

Wars in India and China, brought gloriously to an advantageous termination.

On Monday the clouds cleared away and the whole country was gloriously bright and fresh after the heavy showers.

Well, one gloriously fine day we sighted a ship going very slowly across the gulf, several miles away.

But it was gloriously raised up again by his Son Friedrich Wilhelm, who succeeded in 1640.

Then, too, the Indian corn must be waving gloriously, and I longed to see slaves at work in the cotton-field.

With the rallying cry of his adopted land, he gathers up his troops and gloriously defends the flag he loves.

The greatest since that so gloriously won—so miserably lost at length—by his uncle.

Do you dare to count the one exception that gloriously proved the rule?

The house was of brick, and it loomed up gloriously as I approached.