Glossary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Glossary:

He prepared a glossary of provincial and archological words, intended for a supplement to Johnson's Dictionary.

It has a complete glossary of terms, and is illustrated with two hundred original drawings.

Except for yogh, h-stroke and paired , unusual letters appear only in the editorial material (introduction, notes and glossary).

The preceding examples give most of the more important weak verbs; others can be found in the Glossary.

Also, of the pronoun me; as in d m'endyte, G 32; see M' in the Glossary, p. 157.

They are perhaps the only two great masters of expression who keep sending their readers to a glossary.

Fairholt, who is very good in many ways, puts down in his glossary, ‘Partlet: A gorget for women.’

A general glossary has been omitted, but the technical terms used have been indexed.

We commend the Furness Glossary to all students of our dialects.

In this glossary we see the preparation for our modern Latin-English dictionaries.