Glossiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Glossiness:

These processes may be repeated till the flax acquires the desired glossiness and separation of fibres.

This does not injure the glossiness of the fur, which is apt to be affected when the skin is immersed.

A few drops in the bath will remove all offensive perspiration and glossiness (if the skin is oily).

What a rich glossiness do we find about the red and black patches!

Her hair had all the warmth and glossiness of that of a healthy girl of eighteen.

Once more bent to my ardent lips the swanny glossiness of a neck late so stately.

"But it's my hat," said Mr. Hearty, endeavouring to restore something of its lost glossiness.

(The oily glossiness of the marble and the shade in the moon, are no other but the inherent properties of those things).

It is also conducive to glossiness of coat and healthiness of skin, but unless used sparingly affects the wind.

It is in the neatness of his 'shave' and the glossiness of his rich black cue that the Chinese dandy is distinguishable.