Glossy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Glossy:

The simply titled “garden vegetables” pack in glossy shishito peppers, soft-crisp daikon and pickled beech mushrooms lit up with turmeric, a combination that plays well with thin and tensile green tea soba.

If you’re looking to put a little effort into your rice, say no more — this one literally glitters with dried fruit, glossy, caramelized onion and crisp, saffron-dyed rice.

The glossy hardtail frame and 6 speeds encourage aggressive riding, and at the 1200 suspension fork handles bumpy rides with ease.

To the credit of Jones and the filmmakers, they don’t offer a glossy story of opening hearts and changing minds—instead they provide a helpful model of how awkward and incremental these conversations can be.

Snow-smothered twiggy branches in winter, glossy apples in September at my uncle’s house, packed in backpacks for granite hikes, an unanswered dash in a quiet graveyard in the Catskills.

In the era of glossy, chef-driven cookbooks that are arguably more beautiful than they are practical, it’s time for community cookbooks to finally get the recognition that they deserve.

It was a beautiful sight, those rows of small trees with their large, glossy leaves, shut in by woods of a larger growth.

The Hottentots are black, but without that glossy appearance which distinguishes the negro.

But as he turned toward the door she caught a glimpse of a glossy black mustache, and two beady black eyes.

The string is black and glossy as the tresses that fall in tangled skeins on the shoulders of the dreamy beauties of Tuscany.