Glowed [verb]

Definition of Glowed:

burn, radiate

Synonyms of Glowed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glowed:

Sentence/Example of Glowed:

This glow occurs because when electrons plow into the ice, they energize the material.

The brightness of that glow depended on the kind of salt in the ice, researchers report online November 9 in Nature Astronomy.

Instead, he thinks that the glow could be helping the usually solitary animals spot one another or communicate when they do meet up.

A golden glow bathes the tropical forest’s countless shades of green.

Until now, the glow in other chordate animals had been explained by their diet or from a symbiotic relationship with glowing bacteria.

In the middle, however, you get a more familiar smooth glow.

When the team tapped one of the trap’s sensory hairs, the base of that hair began glowing, and then the glow spread through the leaf before beginning to fade.

In each tray were small green plants of different species and sizes, all with their roots bathed in the same watery solution, their leaves curling up toward the same pink glow of faintly humming LED bar lights above.

The liquid swirls, sparkles, and suddenly catches into a phosphorescent glow.

The singer, 39, broke the news by showing off her pregnancy glow and opening up about what it’s been like being pregnancy during the pandemic and staying focused on her health and growing her family.