Glowered [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Glowered:

"I guess we can stand it if you can," Mollie responded lightly, which only caused him to glower the more.

Old Jimmie shrank slightly before Larry's glower, and his little eyes gleamed with the fear of a rat that is cornered.

The Prince was there, too, and it was lots of fun to see him glower at the other men.

And there's a headless man stalks up and down the path and skeletons glower at you between the boughs.

When my neighbor's elbow injects itself into the small of my back, I twist around and glower at him.

Carstares sipped his wine quietly, waiting for Miles' anger to evaporate, as it presently did, leaving him to glower balefully.

The blue eyes met his, not with a glare or a glower, but with a look of interest and inquiry.

Be good and I'll get you them twa graven images the master's so set on and let you glower at them.

McPherson stared after him with a glower that somehow would not remain ferocious.

The band departed in full view of all the army, and Taras continued long to turn and glower.