Glowering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Glowering:

Clouds of haze moved around, and when the moon came up she seemed to be glowering from her shroud.

Grim and serious as it was, with June's cousin glowering at him, Hale could not help smiling.

He might be glowering at the two of us out of yon whin-bush, and I wouldna wonder!

And always there had been the glowering fires of a score of villages.

Wolf Paw stood glowering at White Bear, his eyes glazing, his breath coming in gasps.

He scowled at them; he even turned a glowering look on Captain Candage when he met the latter on the quarter-deck.

Barney backed glowering to the door; and Old Jimmie, his gray face an expressionless mask, silently followed him out.

She feared that slow, glowering and dangerous man, whose every word came freighted with obscure and sinister meaning.

Larry, taut with the desire to strike, gazed for a moment into the glowering face of the detective.

He walked up and down from Daniel Boone to the mirror, glowering out from time to time at the rain.