Glowworm [noun]

Definition of Glowworm:

nocturnal luminescent beetle

Synonyms of Glowworm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glowworm:


Sentence/Example of Glowworm:

A glowworm is not discerned in the sunshine, though it glister in the dark.

Every body probably knows, that the male glowworm is a winged, erratic animal, yet may not have seen him.

Should the sun beg from the glowworm, and should the momentary spark excite the envy of the source of light?

She looked down the dusky lanes, where glowworm lanterns began to bob and wink.

With a slim rubber band he fastened a match across the double barrels at the front sight and beneath this placed a glowworm.

The man whose soul operates with energy is like a poor glowworm, which without knowing it irradiates light from every pore.

Just beyond the veranda Greta saw a glowworm shining, as it might be a tiny bead of the fallen lightning.

But now, illuminated only by a far off torchlight and by a glowworm coiled around the band, it was black.

A wild glowworm had swooped over them and disturbed the smooth reflection built up by the Skins.

Its seats bristled with tall peaked hats with outspread glowworm wings and with drawn épées.