Glue [noun]

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Imagine gluing together a bridge made out of toothpicks, only having to rip apart the glue to build a skyscraper with the same material.

ImageNet is being updated and GLUE has been replaced by SuperGLUE, a set of harder linguistic tasks.

All you need to get started are popsicle sticks, rubber bands and some glue.

“How emoji has become the glue that holds everything together has been one of the more interesting insights of the study,” says Christina Janzer, Slack’s senior director of research and analytics.

According to “How It Works,” envelope glue is made from gum arabic, which is a product of the hardened sap from acacia trees.

"Jefferies' Marine Glue" can be procured at all times, the cost being about sixpence per pound.

One part of marine glue, and two of best red sealing-wax, form a beautiful cement for glass baths.

Another poison is of a pale glue color, which is supposed by Stanley to be made of crushed red ants.

Have ready in a pan some stiffening made by pouring boiling water on a very small piece of glue.

Across these was laid another layer at right angles, with perhaps a coating of glue or paste between them.