Glued [adjective]

Definition of Glued:


Opposite/Antonyms of Glued:

Sentence/Example of Glued:

Yuh want t' keep your eye glued t' that peep-glass in the mornin', and not overlook no motions.

She made him a stately courtesy for the benefit of the three faces glued against the panes, but her words were incongruous.

At the minute, I set the shadow between the noon lines, levelled it with thin bits of match underneath, and glued it down.

Having glued this onto the body, I was ready for the head, and I had some difficulty in making up my mind which head to use.

The upright is then placed in the turned-out parts of the caps and either glued or fastened with screws.

In assembling the parts, they are glued in place, and clamped with hand screws until the glue has set.

The side E should equal the inclined length of the card A, and is glued upon it when B is in position.

The two halves are then glued together, and a hole is drilled centrally on the division line for a string to pass through.

At his cell door the Red Fox stood with his watch in his hand and his eyes glued to the second-hand.

The blind was not drawn quite down, and they stooped to peer in, and remained there as if glued to the window.