Gluey [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gluey:

Van Ness studied the glisten on his yellow beard, the gluey softness of his blue eyes.

The fried sardines were succeeded by the regulation braised beef with the gluey brown sauce which grows in most foreign hotels.

In the summer season, however, the coating became soft and gluey, and was not comfortable to walk upon.

She covered his gluey face with kisses—mothers never being disgusted, from their caresses seeming to purify everything.

Ladanum is a varnish or gluey coating found on the leaves of Cistus creticus, which grows in Crete.

Everywhere in the air and above her body—those bright, glittering, gluey threads!

Flesh in its raw state keeps its nutritive elements shut up in cells which are gluey.

A gluey mixture resulted that stuck, not only to the canoe body and the patch, but to their fingers and to everything it touched.

The gluey stuff from the web still stuck to his soles, picking up small objects as he went along.

It is its very richness in this gluey material, which renders it incapable of being made into bread.