Glum [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Glum:

He sat glum and thoughtful, his mind in unproductive travail, until the captain was announced.

Why, I could talk for eight days without taking breath, and I am by nature a glum, silent man.

Tessa is thinking of glum things to say to me, do sit down and say something funny.

The thud of a bar dropped in place punctuated the evening's experience with a glum finality.

I thought so because he passed us as we were coming home and was looking very glum.

We dispersed: day broadened, broke gray and glum upon Twin Islands––but discovered no lost maid to us.

It is still said, in vulgar language, that a discontented person looks glum.

She looked doubtfully at the tall, glum figure by her side, and her face was almost haggard.

Mrs. Watson seemed to be suffering from a state of nervous excitement, and her husband was glum and silent.

We may believe that Mark learned to be "glum" when he saw the Lariat approaching with his sheaf of rhymes.