Glumness [noun]

Definition of Glumness:


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Sentence/Example of Glumness:

But he looked very glum, and the glumness stuck to him even after he had dressed and had descended to dinner.

The two Frenchmen talked volubly with a wealth of gesticulation, while the Germans maintained their characteristic glumness.

The glumness had gone from his face, and when he saw me he signed for me to stoop down.

Her own nickering complaints of Norah's "glumness" sank into dumb anxiety.

Yates, in sorrowful tones said that her glumness was caused by her thoughts.

The foreman Peter Anson fidgeted irritably, and settled into a glumness.

But now, her aggressive, menacing, uncommunicative glumness was prolonged for days and days.

He was struck by Horace's glumness, and in his frank way openly chaffed the boy about it.

I can imagine all kinds of catastrophes,” he said, with a kind of hysterical glumness, “but this has them all beat.

The old woman's face wore an expression of glumness wholly new to her, and Mr. Graeme's mouth tightened.