Glut [noun]

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It is hard to argue that the plan to connect the Oregon coast via pipeline to the Canadian Rockies would do much for American frackers hit hard by an international energy glut.

Overproduction and overinvestment have created a supply glut that was suppressing oil prices even before the virus struck.

There’s a glut of environmental organizations out there and a lack of rigorous research on their impacts and cost-effectiveness, though that’s beginning to change with the arrival of new evaluators like Giving Green and ImpactMatters.

Indeed, since that last glut of media reviews in 2018, agencies have tried to recast themselves to keep pace with marketers’ expectations.

With price guarantees for certain crops, and the resultant glut of supply, the government sometimes paid farmers to plant fewer crops.

The plunder of the chauntries and the gilds failed to glut the appetite of this crew of spoilers.

By this regulation the intolerable glut of beaver-skins, which spoils the market, may be prevented.

These foreign girls bring their pretty faces here and glut the matrimonial market.

An Indian would have had to gluck and cluck and glut for half a minute to make these three words plain.

The treasure was plentiful enough to cause ‘a glut’ forthwith if many speculators engaged.