Glutinous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Glutinous:

The birds that build them swallow a certain kind of glutinous weed growing on the coral rocks.

He came home with his flank heating and a glutinous moisture on his lip, and a hunted look in his eye.

Some, covered with a hairy and glutinous seaweed, seemed like large green moles boring a way into the rock.

Suddenly a large, round, flattened, glutinous mass issued from beneath the crevice.

There is another sort of tuberous root, called “ulluca” by the Peruvians, which is more glutinous and less pleasant to the taste.

The glutinous paste with which its thighs were loaded enabled him to effect this the more easily.

Things sticky and glutinous pounce avidly upon it; nor is its seat reserved from paints and varnishes.

The glutinous material on the outside of the granules prevents the saliva from penetrating.

The copious secretion of the dermal glands is of especially glutinous quality in Gastrophryne.

The silk comes from two little orifices in the head in the form of a glutinous gum which hardens into a fine elastic fiber.