Gluttony [noun]

Definition of Gluttony:

abandon, indulgence

Opposite/Antonyms of Gluttony:

Sentence/Example of Gluttony:

Does a friend come and add to the gross character of such a man the unknown trait of disgusting gluttony?

Olaus is the first author who mentions this animal and from his prodigious gluttony he called him gulo.

Their appetites and gluttony were such that it is said one of them would eat as much as fifty ordinary persons.

I believe that spiritual sweetness and unselfishness will conquer the gross gluttony of to-day.

If Dugdale is to be credited, their gluttony exceeded that of any previous or succeeding age.

But let me tell you how Lop-Ear's gluttony possibly set back our social development many generations.

Curiosity is not necessarily gluttony, or scepticism, that curse of the intellect, as Victor Hugo calls it.

Your nimble brokers, Gluttony and Lust, bring you whole cargoes from the fair of life.

Their moral digestion is as great as their physical; and even gluttony does not seem to hurt them.

He holds him fast in his sty, but allows him to wallow as much as he pleases in his beloved filth and gluttony.