Gnarled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gnarled:

A massive tree encountered on a trip to Peru inspired another piece, a 3-D-printed sculpture of the organism’s gnarled root structure.

The gnarled hands shut up into clenched fists, and the feeble voice trailed off in an agonized moan.

The Dark One threw down the mountains, gnarled the forests, and bent the rivers which his brother had made.

You can really trim an old apple tree into a thing of gnarled power and quaint charm by a little care.

They sat on the turf, with a gnarled old apple tree rustling above them.

She saw before her two bright-coloured hammocks fastened to the gnarled trunks of some orange-trees.

At your approach the son of man holds himself down; the gnarled cloud fled at your fierce anger.

Have we?the old man reared himself suddenly in bed, and raised two thin gnarled arms.

The answer floated down from an apple-tree near by, where a ten-year-old girl sat perched among its gnarled branches.

These pines were the gnarled olive trees, this was the garden of grief.