Gnaw [verb]

Definition of Gnaw:

bite, chew

Synonyms of Gnaw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gnaw:

Sentence/Example of Gnaw:

Eating pure muscle tissue—which is what most cultured meats are right now—is liable to feel like gnawing on a hunk of shoe leather.

The species’s dietary habits further confirm a shallow lifestyle, with gnawed ancient whale bones showing Meg’s preference for marine mammals.

When asked why the fatigue is starting to hit now, agency employees and execs said that the continued lack of clarity is starting to gnaw at people.

For three generations it's been a sort of a gnaw-bone, to be dug up and chewed on when there's nothing else.

Then she lay down again, chuckling softly as she did when the mouse escaped, even though it was to gnaw her cheese.

I began to gnaw it and play with it, and when Ned called out, "fetch it," I dropped it and ran toward him.

I know I am only the mouse, but I could gnaw through very strong cords.

The animals stand in a group, and the mules gnaw at the frozen dung of former visitors.

Harts there are also four, which from its summits, arch-necked, gnaw.

At first the rats plagued him very much, growing so bold as to gnaw his feet and clothes while he slept.