Gnomic [adjective]

Definition of Gnomic:

brief, short

Opposite/Antonyms of Gnomic:

Sentence/Example of Gnomic:

That dragons dwelt in mounds was a common Germanic belief, to which the Cottonian Gnomic verses testify.

Reference should have been given to the Exeter Gnomic Verses, 89 ff.

The moralizing of Bacchylides is rather an utterance of quiet meditation, sometimes recalling the strain of Ionian gnomic elegy.

Another element, always present in the longer odes of victory, is that which may be called the "gnomic."

The gnomic verses of Theognis were certainly sung; so were the satires of Archilochus and the romantic reveries of Mimnermus.

Among his other attainments he abruptly discovered the gift of noble gnomic verse.

Witness Hillel, and indeed all the writers of the gnomic wisdom in the "Ethics of the Fathers."

Gnomic Verses, 26 f.: draca sceal on hlaewe frod fraetwum wlanc.

The gnomic poetry comprises that section of Hebrew literature which contains pithy maxims or proverbs.

Occasionally gnomic quotations are found, in most cases, perhaps, from writers of comedy.