Gnomon [noun]

Definition of Gnomon:

device that tells time

Synonyms of Gnomon:

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Sentence/Example of Gnomon:

But I landed in the dark chamber of a Gnomon, waist-deep in loose wheat.

I mounted the only unsealed Gnomon and shouted down into its cavernous depths.

A gnomon or pin erected so as to throw its traveling shadow across a graduated arc constitutes a dial.

A figure in the shape of a gnomon put round two sides of a square makes it into a larger square.

And the given absolute magnitude to which it is equal is the rectangle beneath the unequal segments, without gnomon.

On leaving the temple he glanced at the gnomon or sundial, which at that height marked the time for all Rome.

It is meant to serve as the gnomon of a gigantic dial, traced in lines of white marble in the pavement of the square.

Time itself was measured by a clepsydra or water-clock, as well as by a gnomon or dial.

If the gnomon of a sun-dial be divided into two equal, and also into two unequal parts, what would be its value?

Each twelve month the gnomon on the literary sundial is likely to cast some shadow one will not willingly forget.