Goaded [verb]

Definition of Goaded:

egg on, incite

Synonyms of Goaded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Goaded:

Sentence/Example of Goaded:

Suddenly the Elephant trumpeted aloud as though men had goaded him.

“I submit,” said the prisoner, yielding to his earnest manner, and goaded by his fears that were thus awakened anew.

Iftikhar's men vainly strove to keep pace with their leader; one after another goaded, dashed forward, dropped from the chase.

Goaded to desperation by his villainous servant, Herbert Murray turned upon the traitor and hurled him down the gravel pit.

Susannah, goaded into direct speech by what seemed to her his wilful slowness, answered with the blood still hotter in her cheeks.

The pasha, goaded to madness by Jack's words and defiant manner, drew his pistol and discharged it pointblank at our hero.

But having goaded himself to making a third attempt, he at length plucked up courage to mention the proposed gifts.

At last he may be goaded and driven to a sort of desperate resistance.

But the imp of caprice had not quite deserted her, and now he goaded her on to her own downfall.

Another moment, and Mr. Thornton might be smitten down,—he whom she had urged and goaded to come to this perilous place.