Goading [verb]

Definition of Goading:

egg on, incite

Synonyms of Goading:

Opposite/Antonyms of Goading:

Sentence/Example of Goading:

And when the realization did come it had the effect of goading them on to more furious effort.

In spite of his reassuring words, the woman caught the full meaning of the goading sharpness in his voice.

Trymore and Pringle, goading their horses frantically, were doing their utmost to get away from their vengeful comrades.

Lass went without any flicking with a switch, or mirthful goading of hard young heels that afternoon.

I saw through his game of getting satisfaction out of John Paul thro' goading me, and determined he should have his fill of it.

And in the depths of her thought dwelt the dogging fear of illness and incapacity, goading her to work while she could.

His straggly gray beard confronted the fire-fighters everywhere, goading on the laggards, cheering the valiant.

In height and physical strength Jud was the superior, so he delighted in taunting and goading the younger boy.

As this goading of the worm that never dies was felt, she arose and signified to Hurry, that she had no more to communicate.

And it torments my woman-flesh with calefacient thrills fierce and goading and sweet.