Goals [noun]

Definition of Goals:

aim, purpose of an action

Synonyms of Goals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Goals:

Sentence/Example of Goals:

Before long you join all these goals, and jump from architecture to history, from history to literature.

They strive toward goals which to them are more worth while—self-improvement, for instance, spiritual growth being a better term.

The knowledge and the love of God are to them phrases, not practical goals, invitations to paths of spiritual adventure.

St. Moritz lost two goals to nothing in the first half, and Winn felt as if he were biting on air.

Sheffield was still alert and dangerous, but he could not shoot goals when the other players failed to feed him the ball.

Sheffield shot both goals, but Bunny knew he was ready enough to give credit to the machine behind him.

The forwards have most of the work of shooting goals and advancing the puck.

Two tries at the left wing and the whistle shrilled the end of the third period and the teams changed goals.

A is weak at kicking field-goals, but has proved capable of gaining on runs outside Bs right tackle.

Start with the little magazines, but keep attempting to attain the more difficult goals.