Goats [noun]

Definition of Goats:

hollow-horned mammal

Synonyms of Goats:




Opposite/Antonyms of Goats:


Sentence/Example of Goats:

My favorite of the oil-marinated snacking foods is goat cheese, which takes well to pretty much any flavor combination, and slowly soaks up the aromatic garlic-herb oil as it sits.

The restaurant quickly filled up—with family and friends, some of whom brought their goats and hens.

If you’re going to go to the GOAT conversation with me, it’s LeBron.

That’s how we’ve ended up with cats, dogs, goats, and other critters as “mayors” across America.

This week’s episode is all about voting, elections, democracy, and beer-guzzling goat mayors.

That’s where I had my first meals at Top Taste, where you’ll find the best — and more or less only — jerk chicken, curry goat, and oxtails in town.

The extra steamed cabbage and carrots because Melenda knew I liked to run the mixture through a pool of curry goat gravy on my empty plate.

Here the Goat, who evidently was not yet quite started, inquired, "Must all the halves be of the same shape?"

I would strongly recommend those who have children with them to take a goat as well.

The covering of the bales is a sort of netting made by the peasants from goat's hair; it is elastic and of great strength.