Goatskins [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Goatskins:

I’ve been using this goatskin pair daily for six months, and besides general dirtiness and some burn marks, they’ve just gotten more comfortable.

The Government has commenced to issue to the men goatskin coats of white and brown or black goats.

Bastien jumped into the carriage first; Bridou, embarrassed by the goatskin, stumbled on the foot-board.

He saw the water carrier enter through the bamboo gate, heard the water slosh about jerkily as the bheestee emptied his goatskin.

The annual loss of brandy was immense, and to counteract this evil, bags of goatskin were introduced.

He got his name and his coat at the same time, for he was called ever afterwards "Gilly of the Goatskin."

But although he never stirred out of the cradle, Gilly of the Goatskin had ways of diverting himself.

Gilly of the Goatskin put the egg on the table and wished that he might see himself as he had seen himself in the river.

Gilly of the Goatskin knew that he had only to hold the Crystal Egg in his hand and wish, to get all he could think of.

The diver winds a large goatskin bag round his left arm, his hand grasping the bag's mouth.