Gobbled [verb]

Definition of Gobbled:

eat hurriedly

Synonyms of Gobbled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gobbled:


Sentence/Example of Gobbled:

With “Schitt’s Creek” gobbling up comedy awards, that left “Insecure” and creator Issa Rae empty-handed Sunday.

He drills threes, draws fouls, gobbles rebounds, manipulates pick and rolls and places whomever he’s defending in a vice grip with Defensive Player of the Year-caliber intensity.

China’s “champion eaters” have attracted a dedicated following for their ability to gobble down vast quantities of food.

For one thing, it would have been unusual to come across a whole dead animal that no other predator had gobbled up, and the ichthyosaur would have had to shovel down the huge meal on the seafloor — tough for an air-breathing creature.

“This philosophy of representation theory has gone on to gobble vast tracts of mathematics in the second half of the 20th century,” Williamson told me in an interview.

She aint had time fer ter squeal en needer fer ter grunt 'fo' Brer Wolf gobble 'er up.

Then he clutched his hair, and waddled down the corridor, shrieking, and the purple dress began to gobble with her laughter.

Once a minute, or oftener, he lets out a gobble, until I get up and throw a shoe or a hairbrush at him.

I was about half way across one of these ancient, hobblety-gobble outrages, when I came to grief.

With a terrible roar he advanced to gobble up Peach-Prince, when the dog ran behind and bit the oni in the leg.